Monday, November 2, 2009

BPO Firms Expand to Small Towns

BPO firms are planning to expand their territories. After setting up contact center services in the bigger towns and metros, business process outsourcing firms want to tap the talent and the resources available in the smaller towns. The smaller towns have advantages for firms who are looking at expansion plans. To begin with, there is an easy availability of manpower. Cheap but skilled contact center employees make it easier for BPO investors who create a set-up with little investment.

Other factors are the easy and affordable rent of office space. For a BPO firm to do productive work, the number of agents working becomes important. To make more people work, you need a bigger space. Rent is cheap in small towns. The cost of living is low as well. You can pay less and hire employees. Developed small towns have the required infrastructure to sustain a thriving firm.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Legality Involved In Outsourcing BPO services

Every organization should do some kind of research before outsourcing to BPO services to a third party. For example if they want to outsource to India they should take care of the legal matter involved in it. It is recommended that one considers the legal nature of the BPO business. The fact is that international law undergoes sea change and the law books in India are of no help in this matter.

The first thing that one should consider is the contract of course; any contract that passes a country’s border is not within the grasp of the country. During this time the “private international law “comes into picture. The next thing of course is the laws pertaining to the outsourcing policy. Companies should consider the flexibility of BPO laws in the country they want to outsource. Therefore organizations should be aware of the laws of the country before outsourcing any of the BPO services.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Outsourcing Clients Look For Diverse Outsourcing Solutions

The Indian business process outsourcing industry is following the footsteps of information technology service firms to increase its global footprint.
The demand for global BPO service is pushing Indian outsourcing call centers to grow aggressively into global business process outsourcing firms, said a senior executive. For example, in the past 18 months, WNS has expanded its operations to countries like Philippines, Latin America and Romania.
Neeraj Bhargava, the CEO of WNS quoted that “All the important wins that we've talked about have a non-India component to them. This is very important from our perspective, as we talk about our global footprint, global strategy and global operations strategy”.
The BPO analyst believe that, the trend will continue to increase in days to come, as the clients look for outsourcing partners that can support critical outsourcing services.

Sabyasachi Satapathy, partner Tholons Advisory quoted that, gone are the days when BPO firms could deliver from just one geographical area. The need for multi-geographical area is arising out of de-risking geography presence, and the need for specific skill and language capability.
N V Tyagarajan (Tiger), COO of Genpact, believes that the Indian BPO firms need to expand their operations in other geographical areas. He believes that, if one is serving the Eastern European market, the BPO service provider will have to be present in countries like Romania for language capabilities.
Mr. Tyagarajan added that if a BPO firm is serving US financial sector where English is the prevalent language then it needs to serve from countries where the language is predominantly used.
However, Sudin Apte, senior analyst, Forrester believes that clients target all major countries that offer high end BPO services.

Logica Appointed By KPN To Handle Its BPO Services

Netherland based KPN has signed a multi year USD 28 million outsourcing deal with Logica for its business applications IT service desk support. Through this service, Logica will manage the issues KPN may face with its IT systems daily. A total of 40 BPO jobs will be outsourced to Logica.

The first help desk service for KPN will be managed by Logica. This support will be accessible via phone, email and Internet which will enable the staff to get prompt help with questions related to 700 KPN business applications. Logica will provide related BPO activities such as provision of management reports.
Previously KPN had contracted Logica for the BPO services related to HR as well as application management of strategic network information. Presently about 12 to 65 jobs are outsourced to Logica.
The handling of issues will primarily take place from the Logica Operations in Netherland and India. In addition to these, the provision of management reports will largely come from India.
Commenting on the deal, Han Wijns, KPN IT Netherland Innovation Director, said that outsourcing BPO services is part of the sourcing strategy of KPN IT Netherlands. The strategy is designed so that the company can concentrate on core business activities. The company chose Logica because of its experience in handling quality BPO services.

BPO Solutions Provider Awarded Rs 1500 Crore Deal

IT solution provider tech Mahindra has bagged a major outsourcing deal of Rs 1500 crore from telecom company Etisalat DB Telecom India for its innovative BPO services. The deal is expected to be announced soon as it seven other IT majors have been kept on the pipeline including Wipro and IBM.
The UAE based Telecom Company Etisalat holds a 45 percent stake in Etisalat Telecom India which was formerly known as Swan Telecom. A letter of intent (LoI) regarding the contract details has been sent to Tech Mahindra, but the company is yet to respond back.
Tech Mahindra was short listed by Etisalat to provide BPO solutions regarding customer billings which comprises of about 50-60 percent of the total contract. The technology part of the deal is yet to be finalized for which other BPO services providers like IBM, Wipro and Chinese vendor ZTE are in race.
According to sources, it may not come as a surprise for Tech Mahindra winning this outsourcing contract as Etisalat had earlier awarded a contract to BPO solutions provider.

Customer?s Expect A lot Through BPO Services!

Today customers expect excellent customer service through any of the BPO company. Rostrvm Solutions and ServiceTick Limited have blended technical forces to capture the instant customer feedback through web interactions.
For example, a prospective customer might visit a website to know about various BPO services but not to complete an outbound sale. At this time ServiceTick intervenes in the process and passes the quotation details to the rostrvm system in the call centre. The rostrvm centre takes control of the transaction passing an enquiry to the concerned person. This automatically helps in making outbound service call to the prospective customer.
Martin Trott, the Managing director of ServiceTick commented that many organizations treat websites and BPO�s as distinct point of contact but their customers don�t see it that way. He added that barriers between the website and BPO services can be minimized. The business process outsourcing units can talk with the customers with personal touch no matter. This will help in rescuing a lost sales opportunity or resolving a service issue.

What Can BPO Solutions Do for You?

Today BPO solutions are an effective means to handle various high end call centre services. The advent of high speed internet connection has allowed customers to outsource their customer support services to countries like India and Philippines.

Most of the major companies look for cost effective BPO solutions instead of setting up a local hotline number everywhere. They prefer to hand over their non core business functions to an expert that has trained manpower, high end technology and state-of-the art infrastructure.

If one looks into the advantages of BPO solutions it is very clear that it can offer more in terms of costs which is the primary reasons why business want to outsource their work. Secondly is the availability of highly skilled personnel and the advantage of serving customers 24X7 and 365 days a year.

It has been rightly said that understanding your business and more importantly purchasing behavior of the prospective clients is imperative for the success of any organization. An effective BPO solution studies the business of an organization thoroughly and then provides customized BPO services to suit their needs.

Telemarketing Outsourcing: An Effective BPO Solution

In the world of ruthless competition, survival is the keyword that involves not only a vibrant and a dynamic attitude but also ensures a flawless customer service and telemarketing outsourcing.

In the history of business, customer service is among the few things that can be considered more important. Customer service holds more in-depth meaning than just providing simple BPO services. Another such service is telemarketing outsourcing which is an outbound call center service. It is in fact one of the key services provided by major BPO companies of the world.

Today telemarketing outsourcing can help you in building leads, customer database and also finding new customers. When global companies go for telemarketing outsourcing they benefit from significantly lower costs, access to a trained customer support representative, improve their quality of BPO services.

Most of the business organizations got for telemarketing outsourcing to carry out the following BPO services like lead generation, telemarketing lead management, appointment setting, and debt collection services

Inbound BPO Services Creating A Niche For Themselves

In today?s challenging economic situation, organizations are looking at means to reduce costs without compromising on quality. One of the way to do this is by outsourcing the non?core business functions to an inbound call center.

An inbound call center has an extensive experience of working with diverse customers which helps them to develop solutions that fit a customer?s need. An inbound call center has dedicated team that provides customized BPO solutions. It can help you to maximize customer satisfaction by providing 24X 7 BPO services.

Some of the inbound BPO services include answering services, up-selling, cross selling, online customer support services, insurance claims, inquiry services and order entry services.

Today customer support has become integral for the success of an organization. This is the reason that inbound call center have niche for themselves in the field of BPO services.

Comparison between KPO and BPO Services

India has large pool of knowledge workers in various sectors ranging from Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Medicine, Law, Education, Engineering, Analytics, Research & Development and Paralegal Content.

After the success of business process outsourcing in India, KPO is the new buzzword. According to the words of Pavan Bagia, vice president EXL service, KPO is the filtering of unsorted data that goes through a black box. This information is more useful and content rich after it is filtered. In KPO, the black box is the human mind which needs to go through a filtration process in order to bring out innovative business strategies. There is literally no predefined way to reach at particular conclusion.
BPO? s have predefined way to solve a problem. BPO services normally include transaction process like setting up a bank account, selling an insurance policy, technical support, voice and email support.

The low-end outsourcing BPO services in India have an expected Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26 percent by 2010. In contrast the global KPO market is poised to have an expected CAGR growth of 46% by 2010.
In comparison to BPO, KPO delivers higher value to organizations that outsource their domain based processes. In way it helps to enhance BPO?s traditional cost- quality paradigm.

Improving Appointment Setting in BPO Solutions

Being in sync with the times is what BPO solutions is all about. Business process outsourcing has changed its face along the way, each time coming up with an innovative technology that took up BPO solutions a notch higher. Appointment setting is one such BPO wing. However, there?s much room for improvement.

It?s much better to plan your appointment settings well in advance. BPO solutions providers should clearly find what clients plan to do during the appointment. This will help you to calculate the amount of time needed. When you fix appointments as a call center agent, make sure you offer two or three choices for the customer. This helps you avoid the need of repeated contacts to fix it. Having multiple options works, especially if you are dealing with a group. Also, get rid of snazzy applications when dealing with individuals. Use web-based BPO solutions only when dealing with a large number of people simultaneously.

A vital point that often goes unnoted in appointment setting is the necessity of the appointment itself. No customer or client would want to waste time. If you can drop it off by email or any other means, do that. The customer will appreciate it. It also cuts down on travel time. On a footnote, advise your BPO solutions provider to make time for both preparation and debriefing. Think of all the follow-ups you might have to do.

Inbound Call Center Gets Approval to Increase Strength

Job creation credit to an inbound call center has been approved by The Ohio Tax Credit Department. This will allow the inbound call center firm to have a projected number of 500 employees to come on board. The meeting that decided the approval took place in Columbus. The authorities have decided to agree to a 40% tax break against franchise and commercial activity that is liable to the paid to the state over five years.

The manager of business development at the Youngtown/Warren Regional Chamber, who attended the meeting, estimated the credit for the inbound call center firm to be about $700,000. This amount of money allows the inbound call center wing to be set up with the designated number of employees in terms of infrastructure and planning. This will boost a BPO industry hit low because of the recession and the slide in business revenue.

Hire the Leading BPO Services and Trigger your Business Success

Almost all of the leading companies across various industry verticals are now inevitably focusing on strategic BPO services or call center outsourcing processes to deal with their global business associates more competently. Providing all the inbound and outbound call center needs, business process outsourcing companies help the organizations to stay focused on their core business development strategies.

Now, you need to select the best telemarketing outsourcing service provider to trigger your market coverage and business success. Access your business requirements first and then look for the outsourcing service coverage accordingly. Before signing a contract make sure to get a group of highly skilled educated and experienced professionals and technical service representatives at your service.

Business process outsourcing has become a powerful business model that promotes a huge business expansion dynamically reducing the involvement or requirement of manpower. So, BPO services not only help to organize and run a business venture efficiently but reduce capital expense and increase annual Return on Investment (ROI) in turn.

Why Call Centers In Canada Are The Best ?

Canada is the second largest country on the western hemisphere. It is one of the wealthiest countries of the world where highest number of skilled work force is available. As Canada has mixed market therefore >Business Process Outsourcing is one of the thriving sectors in Canada.
The call centers in Canada provide a range of BPO services like finance, accounting, logistics management, suppy chain management, legal support, customer relationship management and others. Each of the BPO services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients and are integrated together to provide end-to end business solutions.
Some of the advanced BPO solutions are financial services like debt consolidation, auto insurance, credit card, mortgage and others. The call centers? in Canada follow a structured methodology with definite road map that helps them to initiate the service. The call centers in Canada are equipped with latest software and have state-of-the art infrastructure that is handled by a customer service representative. They work closely with the clients to develop thorough strategies for their products and services.

Outsourcing Clients Look For Diverse Outsourcing Solutions

All major companies should have an inbound call centre when their in-house staff cannot cope up with the number of queries.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Appointment Setting - Effective BPO Solutions

Appointment setting is one of the effective BPO solutions that is doing wonders for many companies. It is one of the most indispensable BPO services that companies can forgo. It is one of the outbound BPO services that make it possible for you make sure that your customers can use this solution with immediate effect at a reasonable cost. It is one of the BPO solutions that help you to have seamless communication with your customers with the help of services like appointment scheduling, email, voice, web collaboration and many others. With the help of this BPO service you can leave office appointment, transport reservation, email, web collaboration and many others.
Appointment setting is one of the BPO solutions that can also take care of your appointments for concerts, seminars, dinner and other services. The professionals like financial planners, service oriented business, contractors, mortgage brokers and insurance companies. Most of the business processes outsourcing units offer this outbound BPO services as this takes up about 90% of the company’s investment.

Monday, October 12, 2009

BPO Services Get Leaner

BPO services firms are looking to trim down their resources expenditures. The business process outsourcing sector has seen a trickling down of their business clients. Very few companies in the first world countries continue with the same zeal at outsourcing their non-core business areas. With a decreased number of clients, there is an effort by even major BPO services firms to cut down costs. That is being done by various methods.
The salaries of the employees are being downsized. Redundant employee number is increasing and they are being handed the pink slips. Resources are being minimized. Rules like abstaining from coming to office on off-days to work extra are being implemented. All BPO solutions firms are looking at a lesser number of people, but increased productivity. In other words, they want to optimize their productivity.
There are other flexibilities as well. Employees are being allowed to work from home. As a result, housewives and retired personnel are also joining the workforce.